AMURT Educational Support Program, Likoni, Mombasa
In 2007 AMURT opened a nursery school in our Likoni center. We provide 55 poor children with basic education, food, and healthcare. We are currently expanding the school building with help from AMURT Italy and other supporters in the community.

HIV/AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Program, Nairobi
Many children in Kenya are affected by the HIV pandemic. Either they are born with the virus, or they acquire it through their mother’s milk, or they are orphaned due to the death of their parents to the disease. According to the National Aids Control Council (NACC) 2005 report, 1.9 Million Kenyan children are AIDS orphans.

AMURT provides a daycare program for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in its community center near the Kangemi slum area of Nairobi. Kangemi has a high incidence of HIV, with one in seven people infected.

AMURT provides HIV+ children with wholesome meals, education,
medical treatment, and the support of counselors.

The daycare center was inaugurated by F.K.A. Segai, the Provincial Commissioner of Nairobi, on 16th April 2003. It now cares for 106 children, providing counseling, education, nutritious meals and healthcare. Our counselor advises the children on coping skills (in the event of both parents dying), dealing with discrimination (people with HIV are still ostracized in Kenya) and healthcare issues. This program is supported by AMURT Italy, AMURT USA, Lions Greater Nairobi, and individual donors.

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