Seva Clinic


– communities come together and open their own clinic –

As the communities realized their potential through the Mafi-Zongo Water Project, they decided to open a clinic. The preparations took a year, as the locals prepared an abandoned building, sent candidates for training, and secured the necessary permission from the health department. AMURT assisted with furniture, equipment and supplies, and staff from the AMURTEL clinic in Domeabra helped out in the first months of the clinic. The Mafi-Seva Community Clinic finally opened on 1st May, 2003. The clinic staff is sustained by the income from the patient fees.

During the first year, AMURT Italy, with the help of a grant from Jolly Casa, enabled the clinic to construct a staff quarters, install solar energy for light and purchase a Landrover truck for outreach work and to take patients to the hospital.

The clinic has an outpatient department, two small wards and a maternity ward. On average the clinic has 150 patients and 4 deliveries per month. Malaria and diarrhoea are the most common complaints, along with infections and injuries from accidents, followed by a long list of other complaints.

More than fifty percent of the patients at Seva are babies and children. Here Bernice is checking a baby at the maternity ward

The staff at Seva Clinic with Dada Daneshananda from AMURT


The staff is composed of people from the project area with little or no formal qualifications. Since 2005 AMURT’s role has brought in qualified medical volunteers to give training to the local staff and improve the standard of care at the clinic. Many of the volunteers have come through the Kids WorldwideVolunteer Network – The volunteers have also played a key role in health education outreach programs that have reached more than forty villages.

Volunteers nurses from Canada; Chloe and Mandy, admire newborn twins in Alavanyo village.

Homeopathy at Seva Clinic

After a 2005 visit from Linda of the Ghana Homeopathy Project, Emperor, the director at Seva, started learning and following regular teaching visits from Sheila Ryan, homeopathy is now integrated into the treatment on offer at Seva Clinic. Staff members, Gideon and Christopher are also learning. The response has above all expectations. Patients now come specifically for homeopathy as a result of the word of mouth news of the effectiveness of the new treatment.

Pre-natal counseling and check-ups is available at the Mafi-Seva Clinic

Prevention is better than cure – Health Education in the communities

Since 2005, AMURT, the Seva Clinic and volunteers have cooperated to bring health education to villages in the project area. More than forty villages have benefited from programs addressing a wide range of health issues. We started with malaria prevention, followed by hygiene and sanitation awareness. Teenage pregnancies and unsafe abortions pose a great risk. Volunteers from AMURT have conducted sexual health education in all the secondary schools in the area. Close to one third of women over 30 in the area have high blood pressure. There is little awareness of the dangers posed by high blood pressure, and AMURT and Seva Clinic have addressed this by offering blood pressure test and education throughout the communities. On Sundays, Seva Clinic staff and volunteers are invited to speak in churches about health issues.

AMURT volunteers conducted sexual health education for teenage girls in all the secondary schools

Teaching hygiene and sanitation at Horkpoe village

To contribute you can donate online here for the Mafi-Seva community Clinic.

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