Educational Projects

AMURT completed its 13 years of service in the country and conducted a brief survey to measure the impact of its projects. AMURT expatriates and volunteers made several visits to the completed projects and organized several community meetings to ascertain the problems and identify local solutions.

AMURT supported schools in Rwanda


AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is an International Voluntary Organization founded in India in 1970 with a motto of helping underprivileged members of the society through extending emergency humanitarian relief and long term development co-operation. It is a United Nation’s recognized NGO with experience in running schools, orphanages, health care, income generation and capacity building programs all utilizing local resources.

AMURT Rwanda has completed a number of Projects from 1994-2007 in different sectors including rehabilitation and new construction of Schools, rehabilitation of health facilities, supply of water tanks etc. It has organized several training programs in self sufficiency for women and the disabled, and supported a Micro-credit project for development of economic growth and poverty eradication in the local community.

Other support

I. Street Children Rehabilitation and Orphans

Educational Support:

The on going student support program of rehabilitation of street children from street to school continues with the provision of education materials and school fees. Since 1995 more than 700 students have benefited from this sponsorship Program.

II. Income Generation:

AMURT bought tilapia fingerlings from the government hatchery in Butare, which were transported and planted in the pond site at Kigali. The ponds had been rehabilitated by the group in preparation for the planting according to Ministry’s instructions.

Group: AFAK – Twisungane ­ Kacyiru Commune, Kimihurura Sector in Kimicanga Cellules were involved in training and a small start up capital was supported for their benefit.

III. Four bicycles were purchased for the use of street children.

IV. A small restaurant was funded in the Nyamirambo area to render cheap food to the local community.

V. Micro-credit Program

AMURT Rwanda started the micro-credit project in 2000 with 22 women of ABUNGANYE Association benefiting from this program. ABUNGANYE Association is located in Secteur Biryogo (Nyamirambo) in Nyarugenge Commune. Three more associations in Kigali are ready to benefit from this micro-credit program.



Student enrollment increased by 40% as reflected in the report with over 20% being girl students.

Community Participation

The local communities are aware of the future of their children and are looking for proper education. The communities are supportive and industrious to maintain the existing facilities and have greater willingness for expansion according to their own capacity.

Achievement of overall objectives:

AMURT is satisfied with the project progress. It continues to assess and identify needs and make long-term strategies for the restoration of a sound educational and health system in Rwanda through collaboration with government, NGO’s and International agencies.

AMURT looks forward to getting support from the Government to continue playing a major role as a partner in the restoration of Rwandan society.

You can help !
The projects in Rwanda are the result of hard work by the communities and strong determination by the local dedicated AMURT staff. However, we remain reliant on contributions from individuals and funding agencies to complete and expand the projects.

To contribute you can:
1. Donate online here:
2. Send a donation to Rwanada:
AMURT Rwanda:
Po-Box 2866, Kigali
Gikondo, Rwanda.

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